Supercomputer team among the best in the world

21. May 2015. 14:05

As the only one from Europe, the IT team of our university qualified for the final in the world’s most prestigious supercomputer competition. In the final of the Asia Student Supercomputer Challenge competition, our students will compete with students from China, Russia, Singapore, Thailand as well as students from world famous MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology).

This year, IT teams from 150 universities representing five continents have entered for the competition, which number, in itself, shows the international rank of this competition. Out of the 150 teams, having entered for the competion, the best 16, getting beyond the first round, have qualified for the final to be held in May.

Our IT students participated in this competition with great success last year, too, when they also got to the Top16 so they qualified for the final. This year, the number of teams having entered for the competition has almost doubled so qualifying for the final means an even greater success.  

Member of the supercomputer team of the University of Miskolc are:

  • László Flaskó (3rd year student in IT engineering) 
  • Dávid Klusóczki (3rd year student in IT engineering) 
  • Zoltán Maradics (3rd year student in software design) 
  • Albert Pető (1st year MA student in IT engineering)
  • Dániel Palkó (3rd year student in software design)

Professional leader: Dr Dávid Vincze (Department of Information Technology)