The personal H-indexes of the employees in January, 2018

We are proud of our past and current employees for their personal scientific results, even if this is not part of the H-index of the University. Therefore, personal H-indexes of all past and current employees are collected, who have personal profiles in Google Scholar. In this way, the results of those who passed away before Google Scholar was started, is not visible here. The results of some other employees are not visible either, if they did not dare to prepare their personal profiles by end of January, 2018. The major results are shown in Figs 1-3 in different magnifications of the scales. These figures show the dependence of the personal H-indexes on the square root of the citations of the given person as at the end of January, 2018. In these graphs one data point belongs to one person (sometimes data-points overlap, in this case one point belongs to several persons). One can see that all data points are positioned along a theoretical line of Hirsch with a slope of 0.5. The higher are the values, the closer are the data-points to the theoretical line. This is because the theoretical line is statistical in nature.


Personal H-Index


In Fig.1 the names with more than H = 20 are highlighted. In Fig.2 the names with H = 10 – 20 are highlighted. In Fig.3 the names with H = 5 – 10 are highlighted. Compared to the H-index of the University of Miskolc, all personal data are show somewhat lower results. The Figures will be refreshed in January 2019.

Responsible for data:
prof. dr. George Kaptay, president of the Scientific Council
dr. Peter Sasvari, Associate professor, expert in scientiometrics
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