Ruba Deeb – Coordinator of the Faculty of Materials and Chemical Engineering

International Student Faculty Coordinator of the Faculty of Material science and engineering.
Nationality: Syrian
Study program: MS.c in metallurgical engineering.
Year of appointment: 2021
- A few words about his/her opinion about the University / Miskolc / Hungarian culture, etc.
Hungary is the homeland of 13 Nobel prize winners. Every year, thousands of international students are welcomed to the Hungarian academic programs and they are provided with various facilities. Above all, the quality and quantity of scientific publications from Hungarian Universities. In specific, University of Miskolc. Adding the act the Miskolc city has a secure environment feasible to study that my parents will feel comfortable to allow me to proceed.
- When did you start your studies here and why did you choose the University of Miskolc?
I started my studies at 1/9/2021 , I choose University of Miskolc because of the numerous research papers that your elite Professors like Prof. KAPTAY, Török, and many more have published, which indicate that the University of Miskolc has research–motivating environment supported by its advanced laboratories and resources.
- Why do you like to study in Miskolc?
Because it has a wide variation of laboratories and workshop which cover all materials tests and requirments.
- How do you see yourself in 5 years?
Hopefully, working in a big company as a quality engineer.
- What kind of career prospects does Miskolc offer to international students?
Unfortunately, not much as Hungarian language condition is always a problem.
Do you have any recommendations for future students?
Recommend them to come and study in Hungary, join Miskolc university and be well prepared for all the obstacles along the way.
- What is the best part of your work as a faculty coordinator? (Keeping in touch with international students, cooperating with IRO, participating in events, utilizing your organizational skills, etc…
Being a faculty coordinator will enhance my contribution to the relationship between Hungary and Syria includes two areas, namely; academic and cultural. As I will be a high-degree holder from a Hungarian university, I will be able to add my master thesis feedback to my home university curriculum, in other words, educate students what I’ve learned in Hungary. Finally, by communicating and sharing my knowledge with other Syrian Students This will be a great chance for cultural exchange and education in both Syria and Hungary, also to inspire them to choose Hungary as their study destination.