Statistics of Agreements According to

Usa 3

Poland 4

Austria 2

Bulgaria 1

Canada 1

China 1

Czech-Republic 1

Egypt 2

Estonia 1

Finland 1

France 3

Germany 13

Great-Britain 2

Israel 1

Italy 3

Japan 3

Romania 9

Russia 3

Serbia&Montenegro 1

Spain 1

Slovakia 3

Tunisia 1

Ukraine 9

Turkey 1

International Relations

International relations play a significant role in the teaching and research work of the university. The main areas of co-operation with the partner institutions include activities as follows: joint training and research projects, short visits and scholarships, mutual invitations, joint participation in international conferences and workshops, exchange of guest lecturers, experts and students, accreditation of each other's courses, professional practice, exchange of educational and research information, etc. In addition, the university is a member of leading international professional organisations, and is therefore involved in their work. Besides the contractual links with a great number of universities, the international role of the University of Miskolc is characterised by several hundred projects at faculty and departmental level, which provide the framework for professional co-operation

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