University of Miskolc
Bartók Béla
Institute of Music

(Founded in 1997)

One of the characteristic landmarks of the inner city of Miskolc is the Palace of Music built in 1927 which housed the City School of Music, established in 1904. The institution, which has changed its name several times, was integrated into the University of Miskolc in 1997. At present its official name is: Bartók Béla Institute of Music of the University of Miskolc. The development of the music schools of Northern Hungary has created a high demand for teachers of music. In 1963 the Miskolc Symphony Orchestra became an independent organisation. Our institute trains the new generations of orchestra members. These factors played a decisive role in the formation of the departments of the institute.

The following four specialisations are offered:
Piano: besides the main subject, other subjects related to this instrument are also taught (piano teaching, piano accompaniment, accompaniment by playing at sight, chamber music).
String instruments: violin, viola, cello, double bass, guitar.
Wind instruments: flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, trumpet, bugle, trombone, tuba, percussion instruments.
Theory of music: singing solo, main subject: musical theory-solmisation + choir leading.
Our college keeps contacts with foreign institutions, among others in Trento, Italy which is also the sister town of Miskolc. This makes it possible for our students to study at the conservatory there for some time.
It has been a practice for several years at the institute of Music to invite guest professors and artists to give one-week courses, during which the performers also give concerts. Our students participate in national competitions, usually with high success. Our pupils play an active role in the musical life of the town giving concerts as soloists or in chamber music groups in different programmes.

Miskolci Egyetem
Bartók Béla Zeneművészeti Intézete,
Bartók Béla Institute of Music

Miskolc, Bartók tér 1. H-3530 Hungary
Telephone/Fax: +36 46 343-800; 321-711

University of Miskolc
Institute of Health
Care Studies

(Founded in 1998)

From 1987 to 1995 district nurses were trained at an institute affiliated to Haynal Imre University of Health Care Studies in Miskolc. The closure of this school caused a great shortage of experts in the town and in the region. In recognition of this, the University of Miskolc undertook to relaunch training in 1998, with the Nyíregyháza College of the University of Debrecen providing the academic and professional background support required. The cooperation between the two universities and the financial support of the Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén County Council and the Miskolc City Council made it possible to reopen the college, which has been functioning as an institution of the University of Miskolc since September 2001.
The 80-year-old District Nurse Service is an integral, indispensable part of the Hungarian health and social services. Throughout its long history it has proved capable of responding flexibly and creatively to the health care problems of modern society. The present objective of district nurse training is to prepare students for work in the health care service. Health care involves the preservation and improvement of physical, mental and social health. One of the main objectives of the district nurse project is to teach people to choose a healthy way of life. Within this objective, special emphasis is given to the protection of mothers, newborn babies and children.

Undergraduate programme

This is a college-level programme funded by the state. Applicants may begin their studies after they have passed their school-leaving exams and university entrance examinations. The programme lasts four years. The majority (60 %) of study is practice-oriented. In order to obtain the college degree, the student needs to pass the final examinations and write a dissertation. Forty students are admitted to the course every year. Graduates have no difficulty finding a job in this field, as about one quarter of the district nurse posts in the county are vacant.

ME Egészségtudományi Intézet
Institute of Health Care Studies

Miskolc, Mész u. 1., H-3508
Telephone: +36 46 366-560
Telephone/Fax: +36 46 366-961

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