Centre for Protocol Training

The Centre for Protocol Training at the University of Miskolc has been established with the pioneering aim of providing continuous training in the field of protocol, behaviour culture and institutional relationships. Teaching this field within the framework of a university is unique in Hungary. The training plan is to be carried out by a pool of experts specialised in the field. The target group comes from among those committed students who will be able to take responsibility in this field in the future and those already involved in such posts in public or private institutions.
Our long-term objective is to develop the centre into one that can provide continuous training in the field of protocol and behaviour culture fulfilling both the regional and nation-wide demand.
Our training centre has targeted the future by providing a new form of training for an eternal profession. Our current curriculum is based on modern methods of training and the commitment of professional lecturers, which ensures the possibility of acquiring the necessary knowledge of 21st century protocol.

The objective of the training is to teach modern protocol, behaviour culture and organisation of events based on the knowledge of new methods as well as basic traditions with a special focus on the requirements of the European Union.

ME PR- és Protokoll Iroda
PR and Protocol Office

Miskolc-Egyetemváros H-3515
Telephone: +36 46 565-040,565-041
Fax.: 46/563-429
E-mail: prtiroda@gold.uni-miskolc.hu

Library, Archives, Museum

The Library
(Founded in 1735)
The university library network includes the libraries of the faculties, the institutes and the departments, which are all supervised by the Central Library. In addition to this supervisory role, the Central Library operates as a lending library with a stock of over 600,000 books (two-thirds of the overall stock). The annual increase of books at the university is 20,000, and three-quarters of these newly purchased volumes remain in the stock of the Central Library.
The modern building (constructed in 1969) holds 30,000 books on the open shelves, and can house 500 users at a time. Annually, the library is used by some 100,000 readers. The Selmec Museum Library stores the complete stock of some 30,000 volumes in their original state from the School of Mining and Metallurgical Engineering at Selmecbánya, dating from the years 1735 to 1919. The permanent exhibition of this unique collection of technical publications from the 16th-19th centuries is visited by over 3,000 people every year, both from Hungary and from abroad.


  • Publications of the Library, Archives and Museum of the University of Miskolc, volumes 1-27, 1954-1997.
  • Classics of Mining, Metallurgy and Geology, volumes 1-9, 1987-1997.
  • Publications on the History of Mineral Resources in Hungary, volumes 1-9, 1982-1998.

    The Archives
    (Founded in 1982)
    The Archives of the university contain historic materials from the two and a half-century history of the university, stored on 500 metres of shelving. They also contain the professional heritage of outstanding scientists from the university, films, tapes, photographs and other such items.

    The Museum
    (Founded in 1986)
    The Historical Collection of the university consists primarily of relics of education and student life, which are displayed in a permanent exhibition "From Selmec to Miskolc 1935-1985", and in several temporary exhibitions.

    ME Könyvtár, Levéltár, Múzeum
    The Library, Archives and Museum

    Miskolc-Egyetemváros H-3515
    Telephone: +36 46 565-324;
    Fax: +36 46 563-489
    E-mail: konzsamb@gold.uni-miskolc.hu
    Homepage: http://www.lib.uni-miskolc.hu

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