Miskolc and the University

The city of Miskolc lies in the north-eastern part of Hungary where the mountains of the Upper Region become gently rolling hills and give way to the rivers Sajó And Hernád, which connect the Great Plain to the highlands. From the top of the nearly 100-metre-high Avas Hill in the centre of Miskolc, the horizon encompasses the seemingly endless plain to the south, the 2000-metre-high Tátra Mountains to the north, the forest-covered mountain range of the Bükk to the west, and to the east the solid basalt hill of the Tokaj region, which lies regally among its vineyards. Thus Miskolc is situated at the border between the plain and the mountain region. In its one-thousand-year history, it has amalgamated a dozen villages, both ancient and modern, into one of the major provincial cities of Hungary, and of the middle of the Central-Eastern Euro-region. The university established here fosters strong intellectual, academic and cultural links with the city, even though it has its own independent life as a campus.
The graduates of the university are respected not only in the city, but also meet the expectations of national and international employers.
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