Student Council
of the University of Miskolc

As a part of the university self-government, the HÖK has the right to act on behalf of the students in the consultative and decision-making bodies of the university. This means that it always protects students' rights at all levels.

The system is based on the work of the faculty student councils. In the different faculties, students elect representatives to stand for them in the Faculty Council, in the Committee of Study Affairs and the Discipline Enforcement Committee, where student representatives direct the distribution of scholarship money and monitor the distribution of student funds and book allowances. Faculty Councils suggest changes in the curriculum, help with the entrance examinations, evaluate lecturers' work and voice their opinion on any issue concerning the students at the faculty level. In issues concerning the whole university the ME-HÖK Assembly expresses its opinion; it consists of 3-3 representatives from each faculty. They elect the HÖK chairmen, direct the work of the university student federation, participate in the work of the supreme governing body, the University Council, take part in the operation and utilisation of cultural, sport and welfare facilities and are involved in issues of residence.
The Students' Union of Miskolc (MESZ) is the social organisation of the HÖK. The students established it in 1989 after the breaking up of the KISZ (Communist Youth Organisation). This association played an active role in the legislative work following the coming into force of the Act on Higher Education and in the organisation of the Student Council. Its economic and legal independence makes the work of several student communities easier and makes it possible for HÖK to organize the freshmen's ball, the job fair and the Miskolc University Open Days.

Miskolci Egyetemisták Szövetsége
Students' Union of Miskolc

Miskolc-Egyetemváros, Diákiroda, H-3515
Telephone: +36 46 565-360, 565-111 Ext.:1104 or 1134
Fax: +36 46 364-878

Selmec Student Traditions

The predecessor of our university, the Selmecbánya Academy was the cradle of a whole range of student traditions. During the centuries these customs became traditions and `moved' to Sopron and then to Miskolc with the Academy.

Freshmen arriving at the university (their traditional name is Pagans) are called Balek (`dupe') after they have undergone some tuition and examining. After passing the filter comprehensive tests, the student turns into a Firma (`a character') so as to become a Firma Gleaming in Divine Light later, and, after receiving a degree, a Veteran. The most glamorous occasions for carrying on these traditions are the department parties where students sing their traditional Bursch songs. The Baleks are christened, the Firmas are initiated into their roles and graduating students get their traditional ribbons, mugs and rings at these parties.

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