As one of the most ancient trades of mankind, mining has created the basis for industrial and economic development for thousands of years. Mining has contributed, and still does, to the development of mankind by exploring, localizing, producing and partly utilizing natural resources. By the second half of the 20th century a widespread awareness of the limitations of raw material supplies on Earth and of the importance of environment protection evolved, setting new tasks for mining as well as education and research in the fields of geology, mining and environment protection.
In recognition of the new requirements, the Faculty of Earth Science and Engineering (formerly Faculty of Mining Engineering) of the University of Miskolc, the legal successor of the Selmec Mining Academy, one of the world's oldest higher education institutions in the field of mining, extended its scope of subjects and its education and research activities, launching wide ranging multidisciplinary educational programmes on the undergraduate and graduate levels alike.
Our educational objective is to train experts well-versed in the fields of engineering geology and environmental sciences, who can direct and support the ever more efficient production of raw materials and fuels required by the economy with an eye to the protection of the social and natural environment, as well.
Besides the exploration, production and utilisation of primary raw materials, graduates of our faculty acquire fundamental knowledge about the treatment, recycling and dumping of wastes produced in the course of production and consumption as well as about the prevention, alleviation and elimination of environmental hazards. In addition to their grounding in engineering and natural sciences our students also acquire related knowledge in the fields of geological information systems, law and economics. In the course of their studies, they also have the opportunity to attend foreign universities. Facilities such as state-of-the-art laboratories, instruments and computer systems ensure a high level of engineer education.

Dr. József Bőhm

Faculty of Earth Science and Engineering
Formerly: Faculty of Mining Engineering (Founded in 1735)

Undergraduate programmes
The main objective is to prepare students to solve problems concerning the exploration, production and processing of solid, fluid and gaseous raw materials as well as those related to environment protection home and abroad. In addition to engineering education, the Faculty laid the foundations of education in natural sciences by launching the geography specialisation. In the Faculty tuition is conducted in the framework of the following specialisations:
Mining and geotechnical engineering (university level course): The aim is to train experts possessing a sound knowledge of geology, geomechanics, rock mechanics, geodesy - surveying, mining, breaking and blasting technologies, construction, mechanics, mineral processing, environment protection, and legal and economic aspects based on a thorough grounding in technology and natural sciences. There are mining and geotechnical sub-specialisations.
Mining and geotechnical engineering (polytechnic level course): it primarily trains experts for surface quarries, gravel pits, sand pits and other mineral quarries. The objective is to train experts capable of planning the work of open cuts and organizing and controlling the operations, who also possess the necessary grounding in the related economic and legal issues.
Processing technology engineering: The aim is to train experts with a sound knowledge of process technologies, information processing, measurement and control, mechanics, environment protection, management and economic aspects based on a thorough grounding in technology and natural sciences. Sub- specialisation: raw material processing, environmental processing technology and waste processing.
Engineering geology: The objective is to train experts possessing a wide range of knowledge in general geology, hydrogeology, geophysics, engineering geology and geological information systems and state of the art expertise on the basis of a strong engineering grounding. Sub-specialisations: engineer geologist, engineer hydrogeologist, engineer geophysicist and engineer geographer where tuition is aimed at solving geophysical problems related to mining and environment protection.
Environment engineering: The aim is to train experts with a sound knowledge of environment protection, ecology, environmental geology, hydrogeology, water protection, waste management, nature conservation, law and environmental economics. Sub-specialisations: general environment protection, industrial environment protection, environmental geophysicist-engineer, mechanics.
Oil and gas engineering: Graduate experts possess sophisticated professional knowledge based on a thorough grounding in technology and natural sciences which enable them to solve engineering and managerial tasks in the oil and gas industry, water production and geothermic energy utilisation as well as in the design and operation of gas supply systems and mains. Sub-specialisations: oil engineering, gas engineering.
Geography: The objective is to train experts with a thorough grounding in natural and social sciences and technology, prepared to detect, tackle and solve problems and explore relevant features of ecological, landscape, regional, social and economic geography on a continental, national, macro-and micro-regional level, as well.

Miskolci Egyetem Műszaki Földtudományi Kar
Faculty of Earth Science and Engineering

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