Vishant Pratap Singh


Study programme: Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Year of appointment: 2020


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When did you start your studies here and why did you choose the University of Miskolc?

I started my MBA in 2019 in the frame of the Stipendium Hungaricum scholarship programme. My reason for choosing the University of Miskolc was very clear, as it is the only university across the globe which gives career switchers an opportunity to enrol to an MBA programme with a fully funded scholarship.

What is the most exciting thing about studying in Miskolc?

Miskolc is a calm and less crowded city. Most of the international people in Miskolc are going to be your university mates. For me the exciting part of studying in Miskolc was multitasking as I was working at the International Relations Office as the International Student Coordinator, simultaneously with the studies, which actually gave me a chance to gain experience in implementing managerial skills learned in classroom.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Currently I am working as a financial analyst in Citibank. Initially I would like to work on wholistic self- development  and in the upcoming 5 years I see myself in a position taking management decisions for  a multinational company.

What kind of career prospects does Miskolc offer to international students?

The MBA programme at the University of Miskolc has a Business Club where all students are provided with an opportunity to meet industrial experts from various fields. The Business Club is holding sessions almost every week, where experts share their experiences and guide students on how to be a successful prospective applicant for any intern or job opportunity.

Last but not the least it is the best networking opportunity for all students to gain insights into various career prospects available to them after graduation.

Do you have any recommendations for future students?
Be active and engage in all activities taking place on campus. Get ready for surprises and shocks and admire them as they are the parts of life and also don't plan a lot of things, just go with the flow.