Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, unfortunately we had to postpone our spring Universities Fighting World Hunger food drive. However, UFWH is planning to take part in the End Hunger in 30 Challenge. The End Hunger in 30 Challenge, which begins on April 1, is a 30 day course on hunger in the U.S. The course takes participants 30 minutes a day and deals with the causes of hunger and solutions to it. It is being sponsored by the (American) Congressional Hunger Center.

Starting April 1, participants will receive email prompts and 30 minute mini-lessons, learning how together we can end hunger by 2030. Registration is free and it is open to individuals. To take part just click here https://endhungerin30.org/

Yes, it is true that we are here in Hungary, and the situation regarding the problem of hunger is not exactly the same in the United States. In spite of this, however, I thought some might be interested in taking part in the challenge, as some of you are working on your theses, and this year’s thesis topic has to do with hunger.

Dennis Engel

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