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Identification and accreditation data

The identification number of the doctoral school as recorded by the Hungarian Accreditation Committee (HAC): D 35.

Institution: Faculty of Arts, University of Miskolc

Name of Doctoral School: Doctoral School of Literary Studies

Branch classification: literary and cultural studies

Field of Research: literature, textology

The institutional requirement of a doctoral school of literary studies is an accredited master course in Hungarian Linguistics and Literature or Modern Philology or Classical Philology at the institution. The master course in Hungarian Linguistics and Literature at the Faculty of Arts, University of Miskolc, gained accreditation in 2008 (HAC decision: 2008/6/IX/3/43)

Date of accreditation of Doctoral School: February 2002 (HAC 2002/2/III.), and later October 2009 (HAC 2009/7/XIII/2/202.)

The present accreditation is valid until: 31 December 2014

Previous heads of the doctoral school: Prof. Dr. Kabdebó Lóránt, DSc, full professor (2002–2006), Prof. Dr. Kemény Gábor, DSc, full professor (2006–2009, MAB 2006/9/X/2/4.)

Head of the Doctoral School

Prof. Dr. Kecskeméti Gábor, DSc, full professor (since 2009; MAB presidential letter 206-1/2010.)

Programmes of the Doctoral School

Classical textology
Head of programme: Prof. Dr. Kecskeméti Gábor

Historical and theoretical models of modern literature
Head of programme: Prof. Dr. Kabdebó Lóránt

Semantics and hermeneutics
Head of programme: Dr. Ambrus Gergely

Managing body of the Doctoral School: Council of the Doctoral School of Literary Studies


Prof. Dr. Kecskeméti Gábor, full professor


Prof. Dr. Heltai János, full professor


Prof. Dr. Forrai Gábor, full professor (Budapest University of Technology and Economics)

Prof. Dr. Hargittay Emil, full professor (Pázmány Péter University, Piliscsaba)

Prof. Dr. Kabdebó Lóránt, professor emeritus

Prof. Dr. Tverdota György, full professor

One student as student representative (in the academic year 2014–2015: Rada János)

Administration of the Doctoral School

University level administration:
Department of Research Management and International Relations

Administration of the doctoral school, further information about its operation:
Kozma Barbara, administration expert, secretary of the doctoral school
Dean’s Office, Faculty of Arts, University of Miskolc
H-3515 Miskolc-Egyetemváros, C/2.
E-mail address:
Telephone: +36-46-565-111 extension 20-69