4. Course unit: Applied Social Research Methods

Nr. of credits: 5

Course type: Seminar (Practice), Nr. in the semester: 60

Commitment: term mark

Place of course in the curriculum: 1st semester

Preliminary study terms:

Course description:

The course provides students with the most comprehensive resource covering core methods, research designs, and data collection, management, and analysis issues. The course places critical emphasis on finding the tools that best fit the research question given the constraints of deadlines, budget, and available staff. During classes we will give a better understanding of socio-demographic phenomenon taking place in Central Europe by secondary analysis of statistical data and conducting comparative analysis.

The following topics will be covered during lectures: the basics of social research; research design; sampling; different methods of data gathering or data collection, such as surveys, qualitative interviews, observations, case studies, secondary analysis od statistical data, comparative analyises, analyis of time –series data; data management; budget of the research; data analysis; writing reports.

3–5 most important obligatory and recommended literature (books, textbooks) with the bibliographical data:

– Obligatory:

Bickman, L. – Rog, D. J.: The SAGE handbook of Applied Social Research Methods. Sage Publications. 2009.

Brayman, A.: Social Research Methods. Oxford, Oxford University Press, 2008.

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Course director: Dr. Szabó-Tóth, Kinga Dóra Associate Professor, PhD

Participating teacher: