6. Course unit: Jewish Integration, Anti-Semitism, and Holocaust in Central Europe

Nr. of credits: 5

Course type: lecture, Nr. in the semester: 60

Commitment: examination mark

Place of course in the curriculum: 2nd semester

Preliminary study terms:

Course description:

The course presents a detailed history of Jews in Central Europe since the Enlightenment. It deals with the circumstances and special features of Jewish settlement and integration, the socio-economic and political conditions of Jews, the operation of Jewish-Christian relations, and the challenges of assimilation. As a further objective, the course reveals the roots and working mechanisms of modern-day anti-Semitism and, lastly, the history and the ramifications of the Holocaust in Central European countries.

The topic is ideal for convening more than simply historical facts. It enables students to improve special skills such as their aptitude for toleration and acceptance as well as for unprejudiced and anti-stereotypical thinking. It also raises their awareness of democratic principles and of responsible citizenship.

3–5 most important obligatory and recommended literature (books, textbooks) with the bibliographical data:

Brustein, William I.: Roots of Hate. Anti-Semitism in Europe before the Holocaust. Cambridge, 2003, Cambridge UP. (ISBN 0 521 77478 0)

Don, YehudaKarady, Victor (ed.): A Social and Economic History of Central European Jewry. New Brunswick, 1990, Transaction Publishers. (ISBN 0 88738 211 8)

Friedlander, Saul: Nazi Germany and the Jews, 1933–1945. New York, 2009, HarperCollins. (ISBN 978 0 06 135027 6)

Halasz Dorottya: The War Refugee Board and the Destruction of Hungarian Jewry. Ann Arbor (MI), 2000, UMI. 263 p. (ISBN 978 0 59 969418 7)

Halász Dorottya: Propaganda Versus Genocide. The United States War Refugee Board and the Hungarian Holocaust. In: AHEA: E-journal of the American Hungarian Educators Association, Vol. 5 (2012): http://ahea.net/e-journal/volume-5-2012. (ISSN 1936 8879)

Karady Victor: The Jews of Europe in the Modern Era. A Socio-Historical Outline. Budapest, 2004, CEU Press. (ISBN 963 9241 52 0)

Course director: Sziszkoszné dr. Halász, Dorottya Assistant Professor, PhD

Participating teacher: