Aims and scope

Octogon Mathematical Magazine publishes high quality original research papers and survey articles, proposed problems, open questions in all areas of pure and applied mathematics.

Manuscript submission

Manuscripts should be written in English, following the style of our journal in what concerns the technical preparation of the papers.
The manuscripts must be prepared electronically in LATEX macro package and document format B5, and should be submitted either in two paper copies and .tex file and .pdf file on a CD, and by E-mail. Please do not use any special definition, layout, labels and cross-references.
The manuscripts will include the full address of the author(s), with E-mail adress(es), and abstract not exceeding 150 words, 2000 Mathematics Subject Classification, Key words and phrases.
In case there are two or more authors, please indicate the one to whom the correspondence should be directed.
The submission of a manuscript for publication in our journal implies that the paper has not been published, nor is being considered for publication elsewhere and this is also viewed as the author’s copyright transfer in case the manuscript is accepted. The galley proofs are usually sent to the authors.
References should be listed in alphabetical order; the following reference style should be used:

[1] Rudin, W., Function Theory in the Unit Ball of, Springer Verlag, New York.
[2] Kershaw, D., Some extensions of W. Gautschi’s inequality for the gamma function, Math. Comp. 41(1983), 607-611.
[3] Kečlič, J.D. and Vasić, P.M., Some inequality for the gamma function, Publ. Inst. Math. Beograd N.S. 11(1983), 607-611.
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