MultiScience - XXXI. microCAD

International Multidisciplinary Scientific Conference

organised by the University of Miskolc

Date of the conference: 20-21 April 2017

Venue: University of Miskolc

The primary aim of the conference is to give an opportunity to the Hungarian and foreign experts, researchers and PhD students to present their latest results in the accredited scientific fields of the University of Miskolc, as well as to meet, establish and cultivate personal and professional relations. Additionally, the conference is aiming at disseminating the scientific results of the research work carried out in the Operative Projects of the University of Miskolc

The conference will start with a Plenary Session at 10.00 a.m. on April 20, 2017, and will continue its work in the following Symposiums:

Sustainable National Resources Management Symposium

Main topics: Environmental and Energy Management, Earth Science and Engineering

Applied Materials Science and Nanotechnology Symposium

Main topics: Extraction and Processing of Metallic and Non-metallic Materials, Applied Materials Science

Logistics, Informatics and Mechatronics Symposium

Main topics: Mathematics and Computer Science, Physics and Physics Education, Automation and Telecommunication, Electrical Engineering, Applied Information Engineering, Material Flow Systems, Logistical Information Technology and Technical Language

Innovative Automotive, Mechanical Design and Technology Symposium

Main topics: Machine and Construction Design, Production Engineering and Manufacturing Systems, Material Processing Technologies, Fluid and Heat Engineering, Applied Mechanics, Chemical Machinery and Technologies

Legal Sciences Symposium

Main topics:  Legal Sciences

Challenges of Innovative Production – Service and Institutional Operation in the Frame of Information Society Symposium

Main topics:  Economic Challenges in the 21st Century

Humanities and Social Sciences Symposium

Main topics:  Humanities and Social Sciences

Health and Medical Sciences Symposium

Main topics:  Health and Medical Sciences

 max. 20 minutes (only oral presentations are accepted)

Official language of the conference: English (in case the presentation is given in Hungarian, digital projection in English is required)

Registration Fee: 140 EUR, which includes the organisational costs, the presentation of one paper, the price of one CD with all the conference materials, the costs of the reception and of the meeting of professionals on 20th of April, as well as of a lunch on 21st of April.

Registrations shall be made on-line at :

Deadline for registration: 10 February 2017

Papers submitted to the conference will be reviewed and assessed. You are kindly requested to strictly keep to the application deadline.

Papers of the conference will be available electronically on a CD. The format of the ready-for-print paper, as an example, can be downloaded from the website of the conference. The maximum length of the ready-for-print paper is 8 (A4) pages. One copy of the ready-for-print paper of the presentation shall be posted in printed form and shall also be sent electronically by uploading it at in PDF format exclusively. No other formats are accepted.

Papers can only be accepted for oral presentation. One participant can present maximum two papers. The 140EUR registration fee covers the costs of the first paper. For the second additional paper the participant shall pay an extra 70EUR.

Applicants will be included in the programme booklet if the following conditions are fulfilled:

1. On-line registration at the conference web page ( as well as posting the printed and uploading the electronic versions of the paper till 10 February, 2017.

2.Acceptance of the paper(s) after professional review and assessment.

3. The registration fee is transferred.

After receiving our confirmation of acceptance, participants are requested to transfer the registration fee to the following bank account:

Magyar Nemzeti Bank, Budapest  19017004, SWIFT C: MANEHUHB Miskolci Egyetem

IBAN: HU77 1002 7006 0142 6672 0000 0000

(Remark: microCAD and the name of the presenter)


Accommodation will be available in hotels of different categories in Miskolc-Tapolca (2,5 km from the conference site). More information will be available in the confirmation of acceptance letter.


Registration on-line, sending ready-for-print typescripts of papers 10 February 2017
Participants shall be informed about the acceptance of papers by:  10 March 2017
Transferring the registration fee: 07 April 2017
Programme booklet is available at the conference web site: 14 April 2017


The registration desk of the conference will be open on:  19-20-21 April, 2017

If you wish to present your results at the conference, please register on-line and send your presentation to the Organisational Committee to the following address:


University of Miskolc

Rector’s Office Secretariat of the Vice-Rector for

Research and International Relations

H-3515 Miskolc Egyetemváros



Miskolc, 20 December 2016.





Prof. Dr. Tamás KÉKESI

Chairman of the Scientific Committee