Plenary session


Sustainable Natural Resources Management Symposium

A1: Environment- and Energy Management

A2: Earth Science


Applied Materials Science and Nanotechnology Symposium

B1: Applied Materials Science and Nanotechnologies

B2: Applied Materials Science and Nanotechnologies


Logistics, Informatics and Mechatronics Symposium

C1: Logistics

C2: Natural Sciences

C3: Informatics and Automation


Innovative Automotive, Mechanical Design and Technology Symposium

D1: Fluid and Heat Engineering

D2: Material Processing Technologies

D3: Production Engineering


Legal Science Symposium

E1:  Legal Science

E2:  Legal Science


Challenges of Innovative Production Service and Institutional Operation in the Frame of Information Society Symposium

F: Economic Challenges in the 21st Century


Humanities and Social Sciences Symposium

G: Humanities and Social Sciences


Health and Medical Science Symposium

H: Health and Medical Science



MultiScience - XXXI. microCAD International

Multidisciplinary Scientific Conference

University of Miskolc, 20-21 April, 2017.


ISBN 978-963-358-132-2