Intercultural Projects

The final project is meant to display an example of what students have learned through the course of this four-semester program and their ability to undertake independent research. Students select a topic in intercultural studies and then analyze it with the use of tools acquired in previous classes. The project should include materials/theories from at least two of the courses in the program and be presented either as a film or a PowerPoint presentation lasting approximately 10 minutes. It should not be something which has already been presented for a mark in another course, though it may draw upon an earlier project if it goes deeper into the topic. A maximum of 25% of the material may be from previous project(s).

Studies are required to attend at least two consultations in which the subject of their research is agreed upon and then the progress made assessed.

The film or PowerPoint will be presented before a group of students and teachers on one of the exam dates listed below. The project will be evaluated based on subject knowledge, creativity, and the ability to bring together skills/information from different courses and apply them to a new situation.

Intercultural Communications Courses

Basics of Communication Theory: Verbal and Non-verbal Communication 1
Cultural Theories
Media Studies 1
SSC Oral and Written Communication
Language, Thought and Culture
Intercultural Perspectives 1
Media Studies 2
Intercultural Perspectives 2
SSC Translation

Exam Dates

All times are approximate and may vary