Leadership of the University 

Main phone number: +36-46-565-111

  Name / Position Contacts

Prof. Dr András Torma


Phone: +36-46-565-010, +36-46-565-111 Ext.10-32

Fax: +36-46-565-014

E-mail: rektor@uni-miskolc.hu

Office: Office 145, 1st floor, Main building (A/4)

Dr Csaba Deák


Phone: +36-46-565-111 Ext. 10-07, 10-91

Fax: 46/565-013

E-mail: kancellar@uni-miskolc.hu

Office: Office 132, 1st floor, Main building (A/4)

Dr. Nóra Jakab

Vice Rector

Phone: +36-46-565-111 Ext. 10-01

E-mail: rekoktatas@uni-miskolc.hu

Office: Office 119, 1st floor, Main building (A/4)

Prof. Dr Tamás Kékesi

Vice Rector for Scientific and International Affairs

Phone: +36-46-565-034, +36-46-565-111 ext. 10-06

E-mail: rektudrh@uni-miskolc.hu

Office: Office 112, 1st floor, Main building (A/4)

Dr. Czap László

Dr. László Czap

Vice Rector

Phone: +36-46-565-111 Ext. 10-11

E-mail: rekaltrh@uni-miskolc.hu

Office: Office 103, 1st floor, Main building (A/4)

Prof. Dr Péter Szűcs

Dean, Faculty of Earth Science and Engineering

Phone: +36-46-565-111 Ext. 10-20, 10-61

E-mail: hgszucs@uni-miskolc.hu

Office: Office 136, 1st floor, Main building (A/4)

Prof. Dr Árpád Bence Palotás

Dean, Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering

Phone: +36-46-565-111 Ext. 10-23, 20-11

E-mail: arpad.palotas@uni-miskolc.hu

Office: Office 108, 1st floor, Building C/1

Dr. Siménfalvi Zoltán

Dr Zoltán Siménfalvi

Dean, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Informatics

Phone: +36-46-565-111 Ext. 23-52

E-mail: gkdh5@uni-miskolc.hu

Office: 1st floor, Building C/1

Prof. Dr Csilla Csák

Dean, Faculty of Law

Phone: +36-46-565-111 Ext. 13-50, 20-06

E-mail: jogdekan@uni-miskolc.hu

Office: Office 4, ground floor, Building A/6

Mariann Veresné Dr Somosi

Dean, Faculty of Economics

Phone: +36-46-565-111 Ext. 10-05, 16-44

E-mail: reggazd@uni-miskolc.hu

Office: Main building (A/4),
1st Floor, Office 115

Mária Dr Illésné Dr Kovács

Dean, Faculty of Arts

Phone: +36-46-565-111 Ext. 14-97, 22-25

E-mail: boldek@uni-miskolc.hu

Office: Office 7, ground floor, Building B/2

Dr Emőke Kiss-Tóth

Dean, Faculty of Healthcare

Phone: +36-46-366-560

E-mail: rekefk@uni-miskolc.hu

Office: 1st floor, Building B3/B4


Dr Sándor Papp

Director, Bartók Béla Music Institute

Phone: +36-46-321-711


Office: 3530 Miskolc, Bartók tér 1. (Palace of Music)

Judit Szűcsné dr. Kovács 

Leader of Rector’s Office

Phone: +36-46-565-015, +36-46-565-111 Ext. 10-32

E-mail:  szucsne.kovacs.judit@uni-miskolc.hu

Office: Office 145, 1st floor, Main building (A/4)

Viktória Bárdosné dr Soós

Leader of Chancellor’s Office

Phone: +36-46-565-020

GSM: +36-30-375-54-31

E-mail:  reksoos@uni-miskolc.hu

Office: Office 133, 1st floor, Main building (A/4)

Krisztina Baranyai

Director for Finance, Financial Directorate

Phone: +36-46-565-111 Ext. 17-50

E-mail: gazdvez@uni-miskolc.hu

Office: Office 102, 1st floor, Building E/7


Péter Boda

Director, Operational Directorate

Phone: +36-46-565-111 Ext. 14-00

E-mail: uzemig@uni-miskolc.hubodap@uni-miskolc.hu


Dr Attila Nyiry

Director, Directorate for Utilization of Knowledge Assets

Phone: +36-46-565-111 Ext. 11-73

GSM: +36-20-348-56-56

E-mail: tudasig@uni-miskolc.hunyiry.attila@uni-miskolc.hu

Office: Office 606, 6th floor, Building E/7