CSSI at the University of Miskolc


On World Soil Day, 5 December 2018, the University of Miskolc hosted a soil investigation competition. Students were gathered into teams of three and their mission was to solve a (simulated) theft with the help of laboratory analysis of soil samples from rubber boots and a spade left behind at the scene.

The University signed a cooperation agreement with another leading automobile company


The University of Miskolc and the Miskolc production unit of SEG Automotive signed a cooperation agreement with the aim to maintain strong and effective working relationships and to define the forms of cooperation based on mutual benefits, as well as to develop work programs to this aim. Starters E-Components Generators Automotive Hungary Kft. is making long-term plans in Miskolc. The company envisions taking part in the education of a new generation of engineers, and thus the company intends to tighten its relationship with the University, increase its effectiveness and recruit potential workers among students of the university.

Commemoration of the 1956 Revolution


The 62th anniversary of the 1956 Revolution and fight for freedom was commemorated at the University of Miskolc. The event took place in the ceremony hall of the university, in which Gergely Eperjesi and Anna Lénárt performed scenes from that era, Gellért Schulz and Péter Pecsmány sung, and the members of the Szinvavölgyi Néptáncműhely danced (folk dancers: Liliána Szabó, Lili Lakatos, Ernő Matiscsák, Viktor Víg and Dániel Sztojkó).


All the official statements of the University of Miskolc regarding coronavirus can be found here (Reloaded: 27 March, 2020.)


Here you can read all the official statements of the university regarding the coronavirus, beginning with the latest news.

HEIBUS Real Life Problem Solving project


The Smart HEI-Business Collaboration for Skills and Competitiveness (HEIBus) project held its final event in the Multidisciplinary Real Life Problem Solving (RLPS) subproject sponsored by Bosch. It took place in the video conference room of the university’s IT Service Center. Three student teams presented their solutions to the collaborative design tasks for the semester, with the theme of creative concepts for developing new connected power tools for hobbies and home decoration.

Language teaching centre organises competition for high school students


A specialised language competition in English was organised for the secondary schools of the county by the Language Teaching Centre of the University of Miskolc in the first semester of the 2018/19 academic year. The competition was designed to deal with several areas in terms of specialized language. The most important goal of the competition was to draw attention to the significance of learning languages and to highlight the importance of specialized language among young people who may soon become students of the University of Miskolc.

Colombian delegation visiting Faculty of Economics


Prof. Juan Fernando Palacio and Prof. Juan Alejandro Cortes from the Pontifical Bolivarian University of Colombia visited the Faculty of Economics at the University of Miskolc in mid-November. The Professors and the leaders of the faculty discussed the expansion of cooperation opportunities between the two economics faculties, including the establishment of joint training in the English-language MBA. During their one-week visit, the Colombian guests gave several presentations on intercultural management and Latin American integration and returned home with many memories and professional experiences.

Start ME Up! Contest for young entrepreneurs


The Start ME Up! idea contest was organised for young entrepreneurs by the University of Miskolc, the INPUT Program, the BNL Start Inkubátorház, the Bay Zoltán Research Institute and Hiventures.

V4 waste recycling 21 International Conference the University of Miskolc


Once again the university hosted the "Waste Recovery 21" Conference of the four countries called the Visegrad 4 (V4 for short). The conference was held on 22 and 23 November 2018 and is held alternately in locations in the V4 countries: - Krakow, Košice, Ostrava and Miskolc. Because researchers, scientists and experts from other countries have also been invited to this international forum, there were representatives from 19 countries taking part this year.

University of Miskolc was introduced at Shanghai China Education Expo


Dr Szabolcs Nagy, the vice-dean for International Affairs of the Faculty of Economics, attended the "CHINA EDUCATION EXPO SHANGHAI 2018" on 25-30 October 2018. Representing the University of Miskolc, he took part in the professional program strengthening the cooperation between Chinese and Hungarian higher education institutions.


Vehicle Engineering and Vehicle Industry Conference to be...

11/17/16, 00:00

Miskolci Egyetem

The Vehicle Engineering and Vehicle Industry conference will be held at the University of Miskolc on 17 and 18 November 2016.

Innoversitas competition of new ideas

05/22/15, 12:00

Demola Centre, 1111 Budapest, Egry József u. 1.

The College of Advanced Studies for Management of Budapest Technical University will organize its INNOversitas competition of new ideas...

Classical opera following comedy: Rigoletto is next piece...

04/29/15, 19:00

Miskolc National Theatre

After laughing at the jokes in the play entitled Illatszertár (‘Perfumery’), it is time for us to enjoy something serious: the next (4th)...

Lecture on Chinese business etiquette (invitation)

04/29/15, 15:00

Room 117, Floor 1, Building A/1

As part of its annual programme, the Confucius Institute of the University of Miskolc presents a lecture entitled ‘Business etiquette...

Invitation to Dr Sándor Szakál’s habilitation lecture

04/24/15, 10:00

Lecture hall VII (Room 102-103, Floor 1, Building A/1)

The Faculty of Earth Science and Engineering of the University of Miskolc hereby invites all interested to the habilitation lecture of Dr...

Somewhere on the borderline of poetry, standup, rap and...

04/22/15, 17:00

Central Library, University of Miskolc

You may meet Máté Bájer, László Barcsai and Kristóf Irlanda, representatives of slam poetry in Miskolc at 5 p.m. on 22 April, 2015...

history of the university

The predecessor of the University of Miskolc was the school of mining and metallurgy (Bergschule) established by Charles III in Selmecbánya in 1735, which was the world’s first higher education institution giving instruction in these fields (in Freiberg, courses were launched in 1765, in Berlin in 1770, and in St Petersburg in 1773). In 1762, Maria Theresia gave the school academy status (Bergakademie). From 1846, foresters were also trained in the institution. Later, the Selmec school served as a model for the establishment of European technical colleges. In 1794, Paris Technical University organised its laboratory trainings on the basis of the Selmec system. The world’s first international technical society, in which 14 countries were represented, was founded with the contribution of Selmec professors in Szklenó, not far from Selmecbánya. Between 1848 and 1850, instruction was suspended because during the Hungarian war of independence, the students enlisted in Kossuth’s army. Next