Incoming students have two basic options regarding their accommodation in Miskolc. They may live in one of the student dormitories or they can seek for a flat to rent outside of the campus.
Option 1.: On-campus housing - living in the student dormitory
The University of Miskolc has – altogether – 7 student hostels (Bolyai Hostel 1-6 and UNI-Hotel). They are located on the campus of the University, so all University buildings are easily accessible.
For international students the University of Miskolc provides a hostel place automatically.
Bolyai Hostel E/6 is open for Stipendium Hungaricum (SH) and Scholarship Programme for Christian Young People (SCYP) students who study on master level. Bolyai Hostel E/4 welcomes Erasmus students. UNI-Hotel accommodation places are reserved for fee-paying and PhD level SH- and SCYP students.
While Erasmus students pay the monthly hostel fee by cheque, for Scholarship holder students the University pays directly to the hostel, as an accommodation allowance is one of the scholarship grants they are entitled to.
Description of the hostels:
- double/triple rooms
- internet access per room
- study room
- laundry room
- gym
- shared kitchen, bathroom and toilet in the corridor
- equipment in the kitchen: gas cooker, microwave oven, basic kitchenware
- rooms are equipped with bed sheets, pillowcase and duvet covers
Documents related to the student dormitory
Declaration of termination of accommodation
Student hostel info leaflet
Student hostel contracts:
Health and Safety Instructions
Fire Protection Instructions
Option 2.: Off-campus housing - renting a flat
To search for an apartment you may need the help of your mentor student. The monthly rental price of a two-room apartment might cost between 80.000 to 120.000 HUF (220-320 EUR). The price might be affected by the surroundings, the distance from the University or the city centre. It is important to know that utility bills and the property management fee are not included in the rental fee.