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Hello everyone,

My name is Nada Youssef, and I am the Chief mentor at the University of Miskolc. I am studying English linguistics. Being a mentor is not just a job I have to do but also building new friendships and the practice of languages.

Nada Youssef

HÖOK Stipendium Hungaricum Chief Mentor

University of Miskolc



It’s the concept of students helping students with integration into the university. The University of Miskolc and HÖOK Stipendium Hungaricum Mentor Network help with the process. We wait for new full-degree students, whether they come with a scholarship or are self-paying. So that we can provide 100% efficiency and comfort, international students get 2 mentors, one international mentor, and one Hungarian mentor. The purpose is that Hungarian students help with translations with administrative work and doctor’s appointments, while international students help with being homesick and fitting into a new environment. We organize many events and programs to help with integration so that international students’ stay can be filled with fun rather than only academics.


•                                             Give information about the university before arrival;

•                                             Wait for you when you arrive;

•                                             Help with your administrative work;

•                                             Help with your accommodation;

•                                             Organize events and programs;

•                                             Help with integration into the university;


•                                             Help with your doctor’s appointments.



 University of Miskolc autumn semester programs:

•         Freshman’s camp

•         Orientation day

•         International Dinner

•         Miskolc trip

•         Welcome day

•         Zemplén trip (to another city in the county)

•         Halloween party

•         Board game night

•         Christmas events

University of Miskolc spring semester programs:

•         Orientation

•         Freshman’s days

•         Carnival (costume party)

•         International Dinner

•         Miskolc trip

•         Zemplén trip (to another city in the county)

•         International Day

•         Quiz night

•         Campus festival (MEN = UM days)

•         Semester closing party

•         Farewell reception (for graduating students)

HÖOK programs:

•         Cultural trips

•         Touristic trips (Sopron, Debrecen, Pécs, Budapest)

•         Ball (celebrating SHMN’s birthday each year)

•         Mentor factor (talent competition)


Join us, a group of exciting and friendly students who are here to help you either as a newcomer or join the community in your upper years as a mentor!