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Get ready to embark on an epic adventure! ESN, aka the Erasmus Student Network, is the king of all student organizations in Europe. And lucky for you, ESN Miskolc is here to make sure that exchange students like you have an unforgettable time in Hungary. They're here to be your ultimate guide, helping you adjust and fit right in. They'll also give you all the info and support you need to lead your own Erasmus society on campus. Plus, ESN Miskolc will be your voice, representing you and all the amazing universities in Hungary on a global scale. Join the squad and get ready for an experience like no other!

What to expect from ESN Miskolc 

Join the ultimate squad for exchange students! The Erasmus Student Network (ESN) is your go-to wingman for an epic experience abroad. With a mission to create a home away from home for every international student, ESN knows how to have a good time. From wild parties to cultural adventures, you'll make new friends from all over the world and have a mentor to guide you every step of the way. Whether you need help navigating the city or just a shoulder to lean on, we got you. So, are you ready to join the ultimate exchange student experience? Let's do this together!

Board and Coordinators of ESN Miskolc

Bence Dolycsák President
Nikolett Szabó Vice-President
Tamás Szabó Financial Vice-President
Barbara Barcsik Event Manager
Blanka Dapsy Event Coordinator
Dominika Veres Communication Manager
Anita Tóbis Communication Coordinator
Ferenc Bodnár Local Representative


In the University of Miskolc, plenty of events are waiting for you each semester.


Autumn semester:

●     Freshmen’s Camp

●     Semester Opening Party

●     Welcome Day

●     Orientation Day

●     Quiz Night

●     International Dinner

●     International Day

●     Halloween Party (costume party)

●     Board Game Night

●     Santa Party

●     Semester Closing Party


Spring semester:

●     Semester Opening Party

●     Orientation Day

●     Freshmen's Day

●     Quiz Night

●     Carnival (costume party)

●     International Dinner

●     Lillafüred Trip

●     Miskolc Trip

●     Zemplén Trip

●     Campus festival (MEN)

●     Semester closing party

And many more… Stay tuned!




Social Media

ESN Miskolc Office

Location: Dormitory E/2 Floor 2. Room 227.


●     Bence Dolycsák  +36704109618

●     Nikolett Szabó  +36302353266

●     Tamás Szabó  +36206263098