Isaac Tsiwah


Nationality: Ghanaian

Study programme: Materials Engineering, MSc

Year of appointment: 2020


Facebook profile: Isaac Tsiwah


I love the city, the people here are very friendly although the language barrier is there. They are always ready to give a helping hand. And the university: I love everything about it, the green environment can never be overlooked.

When did you start your studies here and why did you choose the University of Miskolc?

In 2019. My story with Miskolc… I should say it was divine as I didn’t have a hand in it. I chose a different school and city but I was brought here at the last minute, and I should say I have never regretted accepting the offer.

What is the most exciting thing about studying in Miskolc?

We have people coming from different parts of the world with different points of view and diverse cultural backgrounds. If you are here and you are an open-minded person, you can learn a lot (positives) which will go a long way to help your future endeavors.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

To be a lecturer at a university and a materials engineering consultant.

What kind of career prospects does Miskolc offer to international students?

If one is able to go through the vigorous training offered by this university, there is nowhere in the world that this person cannot work at. I should say this is a place from where you can get to everywhere.

Do you have any recommendations for future students?

I will boldly recommend the University of Miskolc to new students from all over the world. It is the best place to study. The city and the university is international-friendly. Come with open mind and you will never regret.

What is your mission as an international student ambassador?

To assist future international applicants, promote the University of Miskolc in my home country and abroad.