Miskolc in a nutshell

Miskolc is the seat of Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén County, the largest county in Northern Hungary, surrounded by Bükk and Zemplén Mountains and a beautiful landscape due to Miskolctapolca, Ómassa and Lillafüred.

While the historical downtown, the lovely architecture of the buildings, little parks and colourful flower beds inside the city, the Look-out Tower of Avas (Avasi Kilátó) and interesting museums like Pannon Sea Museum and Herman Ottó Museum, the Cave Bath of Miskolctapolca, the Caves and the Waterfall of Lillafüred, the Palace Hotel (Palotaszálló), the Ancient Furnace in Ómassa (compulsory for the students of the University of Miskolc) and the Castle of Diósgyőr are all worth visiting and seeing at least once in a lifetime.


The city has always played a central and leading role in the administrative, economic and cultural life of the region.
The National Theatre of Miskolc is the oldest stone-built theatre in the territory of present-day Hungary, where the first Hungarian-language performance was acted out. Classical and popular music concerts, Cinefest (International Film Festival of Miskolc), the famous Miskolc Jelly Festival, different types of pubs and restaurants (Creppy Pancake House, Rossita, Café du Boucher, Dúlő, Murphy's) also serve the community.

Due to its size and location Miskolc has a determinant role in the economy of the region. Since the 1960s heavy industry has been the dominant branch; however its significance is decreasing from the 1990s. Besides numerous local enterprises several multinational companies have recently settled in Miskolc, creating jobs for the inhabitants of the city and for people living in its surroundings.