28. September 2022. 13:35

The Transatlantic Research and Development Interchange on Sustainability (TARDIS) World Programme on Local and Global Sustainability Challenges held its first conference in Hungary. The three-day event took place at the University of Miskolc.


The meeting brought together researchers from the United States, Austria, Ireland, Portugal, Croatia, the United Kingdom, the Vatican, Belgium, India, Hungary and the United Kingdom to address local and global problems of the present from the perspectives of engineering, mathematics, physics, ecology, economics and political science. Their presentations analysed the emerging problems of the 21st century that require long-term responses, both social and economic.



"The activities of researchers at the University of Miskolc overlap with the themes of the TARDIS conference in a number of areas. We have experts who are also outstanding internationally," said Csaba Deák, Associate Professor at the Institute of Energy and Quality at the Faculty of Materials and Chemical Engineering, who helped to organise the event. He pointed out that almost all faculties deal with sustainability issues in their own fields, from social sciences to engineering and natural sciences.


"The main questions in this accelerated world we live in, full of crises, epidemics and wars, are how we can be resilient and survive the challenges" he said. The TARDIS conference will provide a fresh perspective on this, and the results of the conference will be summarised in a study to be distributed around the world.