Santa Party

12/05/23, 00:00

Halloween Party

10/26/23, 00:00

University of Miskolc

Freshmen's Ball

11/10/23, 00:00

University of Miskolc

Quiz Night

11/16/23, 00:00

Welcome Day

10/10/23, 00:00

University of Miskolc

Zemplén Trip

10/14/23, 00:00

Researchers' Night

09/29/23, 17:00

University of Miskolc

The University of Miskolc organizes the usual Researchers' Night, which is an exciting world of science with more than 130 programs.

International Dinner - 2023

09/26/23, 19:30

University of Miskolc

One of your favourite events of the semester is coming: International Dinner!

Trip to Lillafüred

09/23/23, 00:00

Miskolc, Lillafüred

Are you ready to discover one of the main attractions of Miskolc? Let's go to Lillafüred together!

International Dinner - 2022

09/27/22, 00:00

During this event You have the choice to present and represent your home country by making some food or bringing some snacks or drinks that you share with each other and with the guests. You can also bring your flag and also you can be in traditional clothes. The capacity of the room we will be in is only 100 people so please sign up! Place and time: 27th of September, E/2 dormitory side building. The food is provided by You!

Halloween Party - 25.10.

10/25/22, 18:00

We are glad to inform you all, that we organize a party for Halloween at 6 pm next Tuesday (25th of October) in Rockwell Club.

Zemplén Trip

10/15/22, 00:00

On the 15th of October, we went on a trip to the Zemplén region of Hungary. We would like to share one of our students, Ana María Bucheli Campaña experiences about the trip

Freshmen's Camp

08/31/22, 00:00

The detailed program of the Freshmen's Camp

Orientation Day 2022

09/06/22, 00:00

All the information about the Orientation Day 2022


08/26/22, 09:00

The Symposium on Polyurethane Innovation 2022 conference will be jointly organised by the FIEK department and the Institute of Chemistry the University of Miskolc.

False Alarm - An informal book launch with world-renowned Dr. Bjørn Lomborg

03/16/22, 17:00

Lomborg is the founding president of the Copenhagen Consensus Center and has previously been listed among the most prominent and influential environmental thinkers by the World Economic Forum, the Time magazine, The Guardian, the Foreign Policy and the Prospects.


03/10/22, 10:35

An exhibition honouring civil diplomacy in the form of honorary consuls can be seen on campus (ground floor, Building A/4) from 9-17 March.

Join us at the University of Miskolc (in person or join us online) on the 4th February for a hybrid event

02/04/22, 10:00

Foundation is reshaping the industry by bringing together the best from the banking and technology sector. We are powered by Magyar Bankholding. Join us if you are interested in building the future of banking with the latest tech systems!


08/25/21, 00:00

Miskolci Egyetem

The MEN festival (Miskolci Egyetemi Napok – University of Miskolc Days) will be held on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th of September, during registration week. Besides concerts, there will be events through the day, many connected with student traditions.

International Earth Science Information Workshop

06/03/21, 14:00

Miskolci Egyetem (online)

As our current student, we would like to draw your attention to the upcoming online event, where some of our current students will give an experience report on what life is like at the University of Miskolc, including the Faculty of Engineering and Earth Sciences.