Conference on child abuse


A conference entitled “Battered Child Syndrome” was jointly organised by the Miskolci Gráciák Egyesülete (a local charitable and social service organisation) and the ME Faculty of Healthcare. It took place on 12 May at the headquarters of the Miskolc Regional Committee of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (MTA).

Materials science show a great success at Győri Édes Napok event


The Material Science School Tour, a spectacular science show put on by ME’s Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering, was a guest at Győr’s annual food-centred event, Győri Édes Napok (Sweet Days of Győr), held 27-28 May. Invited by Nemak Győr Aluminium Foundry and the Mobilis Interactive Exhibition Centre of Győr, faculty members took their eye-catching and dynamic prodution to Győr.

ME delegation visits the University of Oradea


University and faculty leaders made a visit to the University of Oradea (in Romania) on 29 May. This followed a visit by University of Oradea leaders to Miskolc on 5 April and discussions between their law faculty delegation and the ME law faculty held here at the beginning of May. The visit to Oradea served to further strengthen ties between faculties.

Miskolc organises a major logistics conference held in Budapest


The ME Institute of Logistics coordinated an international conference, “Industry 4.0, Logistics 4.0: Challenges and Opportunities”, in Budapest on 22 May as part of the H2020 Umi-TWINN project.

Magic balls and wands battle it out at ME


On May 20 the 12th Hungarian Competition of Applied Scientific Engineering was organised by the University of Miskolc. The contest, called “Hungarians on Mars – a playground for engineers”, has required competitors to design and build a variety of robots, with different shapes or mechanisms. This year, the topic was “The battle of magic balls and wands”.

International forum on social and solidarity economics


An international forum was hosted in April by the Faculty of Economics on social and solidarity economics, and the status of social enterprises in Central and Eastern Europe.

Four university members given awards on City of Miskolc Day


Miskolc, which celebrates its City Day on 11 March, awarded its recognition to those who have contributed to the city at the Celebratory City Council Meeting. This year four university members were recognised.

New Israeli ambassador visits


The new ambassador of Israel to Hungary, Yossi Amrani, visited the university on 5 May 2017.

Law Faculties to cooperate


A cooperation agreement has been signed between the Faculties of Law at ME and the University of Oradea (Romania), to which another partner, Bihor County Bar Association (Romania), has joined. The faculty-level agreement was preceded by the institutional-level agreement signed by the two universities on April 5th.

New materials and modern materials technologies to be developed in the higher education and industry cooperation centre


A project to develop innovative materials, modern material technologies, and intelligent management and automation systems has begun with the involvement of the University of Miskolc, BorsodChem, Bosch, and ÉMI Non-Profit Limited Liability Company for Quality Control and Innovation in Building, within the joint research network of the Higher Education Industrial Cooperation Centre (known as FIEK).

International PhD students introduce themselves during materials science intercultural day


The Kerpely Antal Doctoral School of Materials Science and Technologies organised an Intercultural Day on April 10th. The event, which took place for the first time, was held in the Disputa area of the Central Library.

Cooperation agreement with the University of Oradea


Leaders of the University of Oradea (Romania) visited ME on 5 April. Discussions were held to share information on the activities of each institution, strengthen future cooperation between the universities, and to form, build on and strengthen professional networks.

Hydrogeology research group begins innovative water management programme


The programme, with 677 million euros in EU funding, aims to assist water utility companies and major agricultural firms in meeting objectives related to development and management of water resources, through innovative approaches towards responsible management of groundwater supplies.

Dr. Kocziszky RE-Elected as member of Monetary Council


Prof. György Kocziszky, former dean of the Faculty of Economics, has been selected as an MNB (Central Bank) Monetary Council member for a second term. He was first made a member of the council in 2011, and that term was due to expire on 5 April 2017. He will serve for another six years as a member of the most important decision-making organ of the Hungarian Central Bank, which is made up of 5-9 members.

Russian students at the Healthcare Faculty


A delegation from the Ural State University of Physical Culture (Russia) were guests of the Faculty of Healthcare from February 16-23. The ten-member group of students and instructors was led by Dr. Olga Kolomietc, Vice-rector for international affairs, and Dr. Nadhezda Petrushkina, head of the Physiology Department.

Recent graduate wins MOL Group International Competition


Just a few days before her graduation ceremony, Anikó Dóra Kazup was victorious in the finals of the MOL Group Female Engineers MOL ProgramMe award competition. She was the only Hungarian in the finals, competing on 30 January against two women from Pakistan, two from Croatia, one from Italy and one from Slovakia. Along with the award, she also immediately received a position working for the MOL Group.

Ambassador of Chile visits campus


The Miskolc campus was visited on 1 February by the Ambassador of Chile to Hungary, Ambassador Verónica Chahin Sarah.

Geological and Geophysical Institute Forms New Department


An agreement was signed on 31 January 2017 between the Geological and Geophysical Institute of Hungary (known as MFGI) and the University of Miskolc to create a new department.

Mechanical Engineering Faculty leaders meet in Miskolc


On January 27 a day-long meeting was held among leaders of the faculties of mechanical engineering from three universities: Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Szent István University (Gödöllő), and the University of Miskolc.

MAK offers a “Material science school tour"


Spectacular and attention-grabbing natural science experiments were part of an event introducing the Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering (MAK) to interested secondary schools students. It took place on 26 January in the “Palace of Music” in downtown Miskolc.