It is an honour and pleasure for me as Rector of the University of Miskolc to welcome you to the official website of our institution

Those roaming the world wide web may also indulge in a journey into time. Travellers often look into the past so that they can see the future more clearly. Let us devote some thoughts to the past first. The University of Miskolc looks back to a history of more than 275 years. The world’s first higher education institution of technology, the Mining Academy of Selmecbánya, represented special knowledge and value. Its heritage and relics pervade the life of our University even today. I am confident that in the university’s development predictability and stability are the most important cornerstones, and the foundations of the ability of perpetual revival have been laid by our traditions and the work of our larger-than-life scholars and predecessors in leadership.

At the University of Miskolc a new term of office began in July 2010 for the Rector. The years to come under my leadership and the further development process and strategy of the next decade or so will have to be an organic continuation of our development so far, keeping everything that has taken us forward and discarding that which has had its day. We are in need of renewal in several fields. This is what is expected of the management of the University by the new Act on Higher Education in preparation now, by the changing industrial and economic environment, and last but not least by the members of our University, who wish to be active in a state-of-the-art, dynamically developing academic and research environment that offers all of us new prospects.

The activities of universities, embodied in preserving, enhancing and imparting knowledge, have been today supplemented by the obligations of providing flexible responses to the demands of the economy and direct participation in developing the economy. The students studying in the Bologna-type programmes become participants in an up-to-date system of education aimed at meeting the demands of the labour market. By visiting our website you can get to know the programmes offered by our faculties and read about the life of our students. Our campus is located in a natural environment unique in Europe; from the academic buildings to the student hostels, to the library, the dining halls to the up-to-date workshop hall, everything is embraced by the Dudujka Valley. I am confident that this is one of the most attractive campuses perhaps in the world, but definitely in Europe. Our University is the largest higher education institution of the region of Northern Hungary and a scientific centre of decisive significance both at regional and national levels.

As Rector of the University of Miskolc, I have the unswerving purpose of serving my institution during my term in office to the best of my abilities, which lends meaning and scope to my profession. I wish to bring about a balance between the traditional academic approaches and those that value the input of our external connections. I would like to bring the town, the region and the University closer to each other. I wish to foster international relations that can be maintained practically, are of mutual benefit and on an appropriate scale. I intend to take advantage of all forums of publicity to promote the values of our University.

I am confident that our motto of today, which says that “the University of Miskolc is a competitive actor in European higher education," is a reality for which all of us are working together.

Vivat Academia!

Prof. Dr. Horváth Zita